Sara Miltenberger, CEO - RSTR Media & Strategy

Title: CEO - RSTR Media & Strategy


Sara Miltenberger has made a name for herself in the sustainability world of science and technology for the past eight years . A Forbes Under 30 Scholar, one of her biggest passions is utilizing creativity and communication to make sustainability a positive experience for client programs. Prior to her consultancy, Sara worked for Tesla’s EHS team and managed new initiatives for health and safety programs and built a software platform for company compliance.

Prior to Tesla, she founded and ran global sustainability initiatives at Delos Living LLC and worked mainly on AI product development, supply chain and strategy. She played a key role in collecting data, managing budgets, presenting my research and the results of the program to the entire company as well as creating marketing materials that can be distributed to clients.

Other work experience includes working as an Environmental Scientist and as a Lab Technician for environmental remediation consulting firms.

What I want to get from The Club is...

I want to learn systems that will make my life easier and allow for more opportunity, I am hoping to learn more sales techniques and strategies that work for me and also learn more about data collection and analysis for future projections and yearly planning. I also want to connect with badass women who want to work together or work along side each other!

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