Lindsey Smith, Co-Owner / Artist

Title: Co-Owner / Artist


Lindsey is the artist and illustrator behind Black Tabby Studio, a Greeting Cards and Paper Goods company that she co-owns with her husband, Michael.

From her college dorm-room to a 3,500 sq ft warehouse, and 4 moves in-between, Lindsey and Michael have continued to scale their business, finally hitting the 7-figure mark in 2020, and definitely learning ALOT along the way. 

Lindsey is passionate about the arts, music, nature, and bringing more joy and kindness into the world. She has committed to donating 10% of all proceeds from BTS to charities and organizations locally and around the world.

On top of designing and producing high quality Greeting Cards and other goods, Lindsey is also a mother to a 7-year-old daughter, a 5-year-old son, and two cuddly kitties. 

What I want to get from The Club is...

  • Connect with and learn from other product-based entrepreneurs and mothers
  • Learn skills on how to better manage/organize my work and home life
  • Get more comfortable learning/knowing “businessy stuff” instead of leaving all that for Michael to always sort out

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