Seema Bhambri, Pediatric sleep Consultant - CEO

Title: Pediatric sleep Consultant - CEO


I work with parents who are tired of being tired.  Their children are not sleeping well, which means they are not sleeping well.  This is effecting their parenting journey, they are frustrated, have less patience and are not as productive as they want to be.  This is where I step in.  I work with families one on one, assess their sleep challenges and then write a sleep plan which will teach the little ones independent sleep skills.  All sleep is connected so I work on naps, bedtime, middle of the night wakings, everything.  My coaching helps get parents on the same page, holds them accountable,  I am there to answer questions as they come up and highlight the successes their little one are having.  Parents and kiddos will be sleeping again in 3 short weeks.  I work with children from 4 months to 8 Years old.

What I want to get from The Club is...

To network and learn from others, support others where I can.  I want to learn how to be productive with my time and make things happen and how to level up.

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