The Busy Brain Cure: A Neurologist’s 8-Week Antidote For Stress, Anxiety, And Burnout By Romie Mushtaq, Md.

In the male-dominated world of neurology, Dr. Romie Mushtaq emerged as a trailblazer, entering the field when less than 5% of brain doctors in the United States were women. Her journey sheds light on the struggles faced by women in the medical field, tackling issues that have been historically overlooked.


Dr. Romie began her career with passion and dedication, not only attending to patients but also conducting groundbreaking research on the role of women’s hormones in the brain, particularly in epilepsy and migraine. 


Despite her contributions, she experienced the isolation that many women in her position face. “Burnout” was not yet part of the medical talk, which made raising awareness about mental health struggles that much more difficult. 


The Busy Brain Cure


In her new book, The Busy Brain Cure, Dr. Romie exposes the hidden struggles faced by professionals, particularly women, in admitting when mental health is not okay. The stigma surrounding burnout and stress in women continues, even in 2024, as we are constantly dismissed and being told that we’re “just a tired mom” or that “it must be hormonal.”


Dr. Romie introduces an eight-week plan designed to address chronic stress, anxiety, burnout, and related symptoms. The program provides readers with insights into their mental health through a neuropsychology test.

This eight week program emphasizes a crucial brain shift that serves as an acronym for the five things Dr. Romie wants to fix in every busy brain. S is sleep or your circadian rhythm, H is hormones, I is markers of inflammation, F is food, and T is technology.

Dr. Romie urges women around the world to recognize and address their mental health challenges. 


In a world where the prescription of stimulants and sedatives is common, she advocates for breaking the cycle and rewiring the brain to achieve success without compromising mental well-being.

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