From Idea To Best Seller: Discover The Behind The Scenes Of Writing A Book With Romie Mushtaq, Md.

In the male-dominated world of neurology, Dr. Romie Mushtaq emerged as a trailblazer, entering the field when less than 5% of brain doctors in the United States were women. Her journey sheds light on the struggles faced by women in the medical field, tackling issues that have been historically overlooked.


Today, I’m covering insights from the recent behind-the-scenes episode on the CEO School podcast, featuring Dr. Romie.


The Decision to Write a Book


“Writing a book is not about becoming famous or a millionaire overnight. It’s about owning your thought leadership and sharing something unique with the world.” This revelation by Dr. Romie resonated with me as I considered my own journey and the impact I wanted to make.


Dr. Romie shared her process of measuring demand for her book. By tracking speaking engagements and the constant inquiry about a book that validated the need for her insights in written form, she finally decided to take a leap of faith and start her journey as an author. 


One key takeaway of my discussion with Dr. Romie is the importance of a well-thought-out book proposal. I am personally in the process of writing my own book and, let me tell you, a book proposal is no easy feat. Dr. Romie shared her 40-page proposal, outlining the book’s structure, target audience, core messaging, differentiating framework, and research backing. It’s a roadmap that publishers and agents seek to understand the book’s potential.


Choosing the Right Path: Traditional Publishing


Dr. Romie’s journey involved publishers approaching her due to her thought leadership. This highlights a shift in the publishing landscape, with publishers actively seeking diverse voices and unique perspectives. However, she emphasized the need for a strong online presence and following. In the current digital landscape, it is extremely important to leverage the power of social media channels to ensure success. 


The Writing Process


The discussion turned to the writing process, where Dr. Romie opted for a developmental editor. She outlined the significance of a structured approach, working on chapters and sections, and setting realistic deadlines. The “shitty first draft” phase was a reminder that perfection isn’t the goal initially. 


Marketing and Launch Strategy


Launching a book is a marathon, not a sprint. Dr. Romie highlighted the need for strategic marketing, including podcast appearances and targeted PR efforts. The focus on women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness podcasts aligned with her audience.


As Dr. Romie navigates the launch phase, she shares insights into the realities of investing time and resources. She emphasized the significance of understanding the role of a book in your business and the challenges involved.


In conclusion, writing and launching a book is an intense journey that requires dedication, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of your audience. Dr. Romie’s insights serve as a valuable guide for those aspiring to become best-selling authors some day. 


Stay tuned for more CEO School episodes and updates on my own book journey. I can’t wait to share more details! 


Remember, the work is the shortcut, and the impact is worth the effort.


Until next time, class is officially in session at CEO School for the year! Happy 2024 everyone.

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