Nisha Dua on Supporting Women Founders, What Makes a Business Investable, and the Perfect Pitch

Nisha Dua is a Managing Partner at BBG Ventures, which she co-founded in 2014. BBGV is an NYC-based, early-stage fund leading investments in companies built by underestimated founders that are transforming our collective and lived experiences. BBGV invests across Health & Wellbeing; The Future of Education & Work; Climate-Friendly Products & Platforms; and Overlooked Consumers. At BBGV Nisha has invested in over 70 start-ups including Spring Health, Zola, Pymetrics, KiwiCo, The Wing, LOLA and Winky Lux. Most recently, BBGV launched Fund III and led investments in Planet FWD, RadSwan, Real, Oova, Fiveable, and Starface.

Nisha has spent the last decade working in media, tech, strategy and law. She was the General Manager of AOL’s millennial site, Cambio, which she re-launched as a site “for girls, #BUILTBYGIRLS” in partnership with Girls Who Code. She founded BUILT BY GIRLS, a software platform which connects girls and non-binary talent with professionals to prepare the next generation of leaders to step into careers powered by technology. Nisha was previously Chief of Staff for the AOL Brand Group, working on strategy, operations and special projects. She cut her teeth as a management consultant for Bain & Company and an M&A lawyer at Australian law firm Blake Dawson. Nisha acts as an advisor to numerous start-ups outside her role as an investor.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Nisha shares how she got into the financial sector and into venture capital (5:05)
  • BBG – Built by Girls, a company founded on sharing a message that women around the world can learn and grown and be part of the fin-tech world (9:07)
  • Three super important insights that led Nisha and her co-founder to address an overlooked demographic in the fin-tech world and start-up BBG (10:48)
  • Do you have to actually be a billion-dollar business to receive VC funding and be considered a worthy investment? A key takeaway is the ability to show your potential and demonstrate scalability as a business (15:32)
  • Nisha explains how the different funding levels work with VC and Angel investments sound super promising and they’re often glorified but there’s a lot of unsuccessful stories and lessons to be learned (27:10)
  • What’s the best thing to keep in mind if you’re pitching to investors and what makes a great pitch? (38:47)


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