Madison Tinder on being Multi-passionate, Paying Attention to Social Trends, and Starting a Product-based Business

Madison is the owner of Madison Tinder LLC and Soulful Scrunchies. She built a 7 figure brand online before the age of 26. She’s passionate about helping women reach their goals and create businesses they love. She started out as a social media manager for local businesses in Dallas, Texas and quickly grew to a consultant, coach and mentor. She started her Scrunchie business last fall in efforts to expand her brand.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Madison started her journey in marketing and entrepreneurship after graduating with a degree in journalism and communications (2:02)
  • Bringing her expertise in social media and online and product-based business, Madison talks about the entrepreneurship landscape of 2021 and what we social trends we should be paying attention to (4:41)
  • Madison shares her advice about using Instagram and Pinterest for small online & product based businesses (6:52)
  • Should you start off with using and mastering one social platform to create content before introducing another one? (8:15)
  • Scrunchies aren’t new or novel, but Madison explains how she got her start and how she scaled her product into a subscription service by understanding what her audience needed (9:44)
  • Cultivating a relationship with wholesalers – Madison explains what it was like to start sourcing product samples and finding suppliers for Soulful Scrunchies (14:05)
  • Madison shares her number one tip entrepreneurs should know about e-commerce and product based businesses (16:53)

Connect with Madison:

Madison’s IG: @madison.tinder
Soulful Scrunchies IG: @shopsoulfulscrunchies
Madison’s Website: 
Soulful Scrunchies Website: 


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