Bernadette Girvin on Being a pro Athlete in a Male Dominated Sport, Best Tips for Budgeting, and Planning for Future Investments

Bernadette Girvin, a former LPGA Tour player and 10-year veteran in the financial services industry, is passionate about her role as Chief Executive Officer with Gambin Financial Group. In 2019, after 9 years as a solo-entrepreneur and Financial Advisor managing her own practice, she formally partnered with Claudio Gambin of Gambin Financial Group to open their own office in downtown Orlando. Bernadette is leading the strategic growth vision of the firm, overseeing financial performance and helping ensure a first-class, exceptional client experience. Bernadette graduated from Ole Miss in 2003 with a B.S. in Psychology while playing on the Women’s Golf Team.

After graduating and then playing for 3 years on the LPGA Tour, she joined the financial industry and worked in several different capacities, but ultimately fell in love with building out successful teams and helping organizations execute on their strategic vision. Outside of work, Bernadette is a proud mom to her two children, Gates and Presley. She and her husband Charlie, who are both Orlando natives, live in College Park and love their community. She has a passion for metal music and fashion and is an animal-lover, hoping to one day live in the country and care for lots of animals.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Making the transition from professional golfing to financial services, how Bernadette is challenging male dominated fields (7:27)
  • Bernadette explains how her exit from professional golfing left her with a hefty debt, sparking a new path to money management (16:40)
  • Tackling the debt cycle? Bernadette shares some advice on bridging that gap and thinking about your wealth and the future (22:30)
  • Some recommendations and challenges by a money expert for balancing a budget (24:43)
  • In 10 years women are going to control $30 trillion worth of spend from baby boomers, but women are significantly behind in investing. What does it take to get women back into the investment market and where should we start? (28:09)
  • How can entrepreneurs think about their future investments in a bigger picture kind of way? (33:56)
  • You’re ready to organize your money and investments, but how exactly do you go about finding financial adverts? When do you get one and how do you know you have the right one? (37:54)

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