Helen Martinez On Being a Serial Entrepreneur, Overcoming Failure, and Starting a Fashion Brand

Helen Martinez is an attorney and serial entrepreneur who founded WKND WYFR, an elevated lifestyle accessories company, in 2017.  Helen practiced law for nearly a decade in private practice and as in-house counsel, and built a SaaS-based company focused on the financial due diligence sector, which she sold to a public financial services firm in New York in late 2014. She is also the owner and President of Black Elk, Group, LLC, a commercial real estate development, investment and consulting firm located in Downtown Orlando.  In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Helen has combined her multiple passions for law, design, and business to pave the way for her serial entrepreneurial journey. (2:22)
  • Her journey starting her own company alongside her full time job and juggling motherhood with an infant and toddler. (9:48)
  • How she took a need she saw in her industry, combined with her in depth knowledge on the topic and turned it into a software solution. (12:04)
  • The steps Helen took to self-fund the software and her experience selling the company before it hit market. (15:10)
  • Embracing a beautiful, colossal fast failure that helped Helen hone in on her genius and make room to explore real estate development. (22:25)
  • The beginnings of WKND WYFR, Helen’s elevated lifestyle accessories company that was born in a day during a trip to India. (25:26)

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