Laney Schwartz on Turning a Side Hobby into a Six Figure Blog, Overcoming Fear of Video, and Creating Your First Digital Product

Laney Schwartz is the founder, creator and recipe developer behind the food blog Life is but a Dish. Laney is on a mission to help busy home cooks across the world gain confidence in the kitchen, create simple and delicious meals and cook without being tied to a recipe. Laney lives in Los Angeles, California with her two daughters and husband and loves a kitchen dance party!  In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Laney transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom passionate about cooking and sharing recipes to a full-time food blogger (2:11)
  • Laney’s focus on impact over income, starting small, adjusting to changes in social media, and overcoming her fear of video (5:24)
  • Three pieces of advice for moving past fear and starting to show up in video (17:06)
  • The process of adding in additional income streams to her business model and Laney’s first digital product (20:17)
  • Laney’s experience launching a holiday e-book in the middle of summer and why you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time in your business (30:25)
  • How joining a mastermind and hiring team members has helped Laney scale and bring her vision to life (38:08)

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