Glo Atanmo on How to Pivot, Morning Routines for Success, and Having More Than One Purpose

Glo Atanmo is a creative entrepreneur and online educator, starting her career as a travel blogger, venturing to over 80 countries across 6 continents and telling the stories of destinations around the world. She’s landed features in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Conde Nast, Essence, BBC, and is the host of “The Glo Show” podcast. She’s authored a book, spoken on many stages, hosted international retreats and conferences, and now focuses on using her digital platform to leverage unity through her lessons of life and business wisdom.  In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The first time Glo heard the word entrepreneur when she was 11 years old and knew she was made for a different career path than the options traditionally presented. (2:33)
  • Why you should give yourself permission and go against the grain, be your own biggest fan and connect with someone who understands the importance of fulfilling your purpose. (6:46)
  • Why finding a mentor that is 10 steps or even 100 steps ahead of you in the journey, as well always being willing to learn, is significant to joining the 2% Club.  (11:57)
  • The importance of trying everything when you’re a beginner, not holding back and taking messy action to accomplish your goals. (21:49)
  • Glo’s realization that if you do something long enough, you will outgrow it, which led her to make a massive transition in her entrepreneurial journey. (25:54)
  • Giving yourself permission to pursue multiple purposes, and accepting failure as a part of the journey to success (29:25)
  • The boundaries Glo sets for social media and why you shouldn’t be hesitant to ask for help or invest in resources to learn something new (35:17)

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