Torrye McKenzie, President, Snaking River Consulting

Title: President, Snaking River Consulting


Torrye McKenzie (BHSc, PMP) is the President of Snaking River Consulting (SRC). She is a trained Project Manager with experience managing socio-economic, infrastructure, strategic planning and engagement projects for Indigenous communities, organizations and governments. Torrye grew up in Northern BC and holds a bachelor’s degree in Community and Population Health from the University of Northern British Columbia.

Torrye founded SRC in February of 2021 in an attempt to discover what "work-life balance" really meant, and focus on projects that aligned with her values. Torrye is passionate about supporting projects that are community-led and work to advance economic reconciliation and self-determination - she is particularly interested in projects working to improve food security, resource management, social and health infrastructure and climate change adaptation.

She was raised in an entrepreneurial household and has had various side hustles over the years (freelance medical writing, commercial cleaning company, and rental property management company). Torrye is addicted to her Peloton and Pinot Noir, and inspired by new ideas and action - the bigger the plan, the better!

What I want to get from The Club is...

Being an entrepreneur is lonely, especially during a global pandemic! I joined the club to connect with other women who have their foot on the gas, but don't have a business community to help fill up their tank (super tired metaphor, but I hope people get what I'm trying to say lol). I am craving accountability, consistency, tools and inspiration as I continue to grow my business and I hope to gain these things from the women and resources in the club.

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