Stefani Gimenez, CEO & Founder

Title: CEO & Founder


My name is Stefani Gimenez. I started Stuffy Cakes I'm 2007 as a hobby and a provide and affordable means to share our cakes with friends and family, in Orlando Florida. At that time my hubby and I were also owners of a Boxing Outreach and full-time employees in the corporate world.

Our corporate business has always been the bread and butter to support our passion of helping others. In June of 2013, everything was about to take a drastic turn when our corporate company announced they were closing offices all around the country. We were provided 4 locations to continue our careers and chose to relocate our family to Dallas.

I'm sure you could have imagined how tough it was saying goodbye to all that we knew, which not only included our friends and family but also including many inner city kids who became like family to us.

And in 2014 we said hello to Dallas and hello to new beginnings.

Relocating to Dallas and becoming acquainted with our environment was the first goal we had in mind. But of course, this put a pause on my business until about 3 years ago. When I started to get my feet wet in the local Dallas cakelife scene.

For years I would get calls from customers seeing if I was able to bake them cakes and mail them... I was even asked to fly out to different locations. As much as this was humbling to see faithful customers continue to want to receive my products and services, it just wasn't feasible.

BUT anyone who knows me, knows that I am not willing t settle!! I just had to come up with a way to bridge the gap!

So in 2020, I used this time to reach out to a friend who was a life coach an seek direction for the next step. So with the help of a few friends and family I started an intimate focus group that was centered around finding ways to expand our reach, but bring others along with me.

A big believer in purpose and along this journey I found CEO School right on time, through an inspirational powerhouse and acquaintance, Rachel Luna. Since the. I have subscribed to the podcast and have become a faithful listener.

In January of 2022, I got my first angel investor who sponsored the cost to acquire my FIRST LLC! Paving the way for The Network Baker Company, LLC! 2022 is set to be a foundational year for The Network Baker Company and with the CEO school continuing to help us get there! So excited and can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get this party started right!

What I want to get from The Club is...

My background is in hospitality and providing exceptional service has never really been an issue. My debacle is with the logistics and scaling. My hopes are that by joining the CEO school I will be able to learn and grow. Connecting the dots to Launch our mission and service im three major cities (Dallas,TX, Orlando, FL and New York City, NY).

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