Sonia Dawar, Business Finance Coach

Title: Business Finance Coach



I am Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent in the US) from India. I worked with BIG 4 in the past and left a high-paying corporate job to start my own small business financial advisory practice which I have been running for the past 8 years now successfully.

All these years, I have been trading my time for money working 1:1 with clients and seeing soo many financial mistakes been made by entrepreneurs especially female entrepreneurs as we don't they generally tend to get scared with the numbers. I am in the process of creating a financial course for freelancers to teach them step-by-step methods to build financial systems and muscle to scale and succeed in their business and help them be the CEO of their business and lives.

My vision is very much aligned with CEO school which has prompted me to join this community from India that's halfway across the world. Together, let's bring more females into the business realm and build wealth. Coz, we CAN have it all!

What I want to get from The Club is...

  • Networking with other ambitious women
  • Learning and scaling my business to 7 digit business and beyond
  • Become a great leader

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