Margaret Truitt, Business Owner

Title: Business Owner


Hi! I'm Margaret. My husband and I own Embark Safety, a SaaS co, headquartered in Orlando, Fl. Our software helps companies hire and retain drivers with valid drivers' licenses all the time.  We send real-time email alerts whenever someone gets a negative license status change like new DUI or suspension. This helps co's keep liabilities and risk down, and my favorite...helps contribute to safer roadways everywhere.  My biggest dream come true are my two boys. I battled infertility for more than 6 years and after docs said I'd never get pregnant with my own eggs, I did! x2! I'm a proud twin mama of two fast growing boys.  Currently, 2.5.

What I want to get from The Club is...

I want to meet and befriend other highly ambitious ladies who are trying to live their best lives. Entrepreneurship gets lonely and I want to learn and grow with you all.

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