Sarah K. Heeter, Podcast Producer & Strategic Consultant

Title: Podcast Producer & Strategic Consultant


Sarah is a full service podcast producer and strategic consultant. She helps entrepreneurs, hobbyists, real estate professionals, and small businesses strategically launch, grow, and monetize podcasts in order to expand their audience, establish their expertise, and make more money online. In addition, she is a stepmom to three teenagers, a Girl Scout troop leader for girls in grades K-8, a dog and cat lover, a high volume bookworm, and a professional feminist.

You can check out her podcasts (The Girl Scout Troop Leader Experience, Iconic Women Podcast, and coming Feb 2020 The Podcast Podcast) anywhere you listen to podcasts!

What I want to get from The Club is...

I joined the club hoping to find business besties, especially in other Recovering 9-5ers ~early to mid 30s. My closest friends are diehard J-O-B bosses and while they are as supportive as you could hope for, it is not the same as having close girlfriends who understand that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. And of course, I'm always interested to chat with anyone who is interested in launching a podcast or who has a show but doesn't really feel like they are seeing results. I'm a podcast nerd! So let's chat ideation!

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