Asha Wilson, CEO

Title: CEO


I'm a native Floridian and love it here!  I'm the founder and CEO of The Wilson Marketing Firm, a full-service digital marketing agency helping service-based entrepreneurs to provide on-going marketing support for their businesses.  With over 5 years of digital marketing experience and earning my MBA, I serve as a Virtual CMO to use my expertise to help alleviate the pressures for entrepreneurs to experience when it comes to marketing.  It take a certain understanding to be able to create a strategy and have the resources to execute it - that's where we come in.  My team combined has over 10 years of industry-specific experience (social media, UI/UX, email marketing, SEO, etc.) which eliminates the need for my clients to have to search for the resources.

At The Wilson Marketing Firm, we take pride in nurturing your business.  With our vast marketing history, we've seen too many companies provide temporary solutions.  At The Wilson Marketing Firm, we put the pedal to the metal to rev your business and keep it running.  The ever-changing digital age requires us to monitor, modify, and protect the trajectory to ensure a thriving environment.  It's the Wilson Way.

What I want to get from The Club is...

I would love to continue to learn ways to grow/scale my business, connect with other like-minded women, and join this movement to be a part of the 2% club! It's not easy to do this entrepreneurship journey alone and networking/building quality relationships help to make this journey a lot easier.  I also would love to provide any tips or advice that I can to help those who are need of some guidance.  I truly look forward to seeing more of The Club over time.

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