Priscilla Chand, Founder HIRE HER - Marketplace for Freelance Women

Title: Founder HIRE HER - Marketplace for Freelance Women


Hi I'm Priscilla from Auckland NZ, mum to 2 little girls 1 and 3, I took a pause on my marketing career to focus on motherhood. This year when my 2nd girl was 4 months I had the idea of creating HIRE HER ( which is a freelance platform to connect women in the service based business i.e. (freelancers, coaches, VA's, contractors) with women in business, entrepreneurs  to collaborate on jobs or projects. It took 5 months to bring the idea to market, and since launch we've grown organically across NZ and Australia to over 300 freelancers in 4 months and many jobs on the platform go to mums and end up becoming a longer term role. I'm navigating the start up world, motherhood and everything in between, looking forward to meeting a bunch of amazing women where we can grow together and learn from one another.

What I want to get from The Club is...

- Meet incredible women where we can learn from one another, share the journey, grow together and hit our individual goals

- I love all the things Suneera imparts so I am keen to learn more from her and the fireside chats, I've already implemented a lot of the things she shared via the CEO school podcast, which is gold btw.

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