Mariah Michele


i am Mariah Michele and I have been an indent hairstylist for 14 years and counting with 8 years of salon ownership and  6 years of brand education for the beauty industry. in the most recent year, I have decided to change the path of my business after firsthand witnessing the struggle of the industry from a business and stylist perspective I have recently purchased my own salon and med spa, and I will be building the business and staffing it from the ground up with a time restriction of 5 months because I have done this in past years for other business and never myself I decided to do it for me and turn it into a business   MINDSET BEAUTY BLENDS  is an agency that discovers the mindset and talent of beauty professionals and help them find job placement that suites them, and help investors purchasing beauty business or owners unsure of there structure and need to help staffing with the right people. and MINDSET BLENDS Iis a natural based product line that helps support beauty and self-care goals  from the inside out as it takes the right mindset is behind the right  beauty  routines

What I want to get from The Club is...

I have believed for many years that  I cant build a 6 + figure business that supports others and that is not serviced based I  have believed the only way I was able to make 6 figures was alone because my creative talent was the only thing worth having people invest in... I did not go to college and I barely made it out of high school so to think I could build a successful business around my mindset strategies and formulas was a limiting belief of mind.  I am here to have the support around me of you can do it anything is possible .its very hard to find that in an outside world with people that may or may not understand certain struggles . I am here to surround myself with positivity and education from women of all walks of life I am here to  learn for those of you who have been here before me, I am here to support those who walk through this with me, I am here to find and use strategies to maximize my potential,l I am here to prove to myself I do have what it takes to build  multiple successful businesses

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