Mahek Virani, Dispute Resolution Specialist (& Founder/CEO)

Title: Dispute Resolution Specialist (& Founder/CEO)


My name is Mahek Virani and I founded ADR Specialists Network to create a space for dispute resolution specialists (mediators, arbitrators, neutrals, etc.) to enhance their skills and build their practice.

Before this venture, I negotiated international business contracts, managed multiple projects, and completed post-graduate programs in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies and Islamic Studies and Humanities. I also have an interest (and a few investments) in commercial real estate.

I also have a passion for martial arts, women's self-defense, and candle making.

What I want to get from The Club is...

  • Connect with growth-minded, uplifting entrepreneurs
  • Provide value to my fellow members through net-weaving
  • Learn how to create value for my customers
  • Provide for my family by building a business (or businesses) - one that allows me to spend time with them and fulfills my sense of purpose

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