Lauren Colson, CEO | Fractional CFO

Title: CEO | Fractional CFO


I am the founder of Colson Strategies. We provide financial planning and execution for companies that need Finance/Accounting support but don’t have one in-house. 

We offer strategic financial leadership and profit-driven results for fast-growing start-ups and high-growth companies, reducing stress for founders and CEOs in the process. Our specialties include building out the finance/accounting function in organizations, strategic M&A support, and implementing policies, procedures, modeling, and strong internal controls that help executives sleep at night.

Clients come to us with pain points around messy financials, lack of visibility into financial statements, and unreliable and untimely reporting. We clean up current and historical data, create streamlined processes, and build easy-to-replicate systems so the day-to-day runs smoothly and accurately. From there, we establish KPIs and other relevant metrics to monitor, along with a reporting cadence that best serves the organization.

I’ve served in a variety of financial leadership capacities at fast-growing startups and publicly traded companies. I have a robust network in the financial space and enjoy connecting clients to trust-worthy bankers, auditors, insurance brokers and additional accounting staff that fit your particular needs.

Most importantly, I am a mom of two! My son is 3 years old and my daughter is 11 months.

What I want to get from The Club is...

- Connecting with other passionate women in business + working mom's

- A community to discuss the hardships and the triumphs of entrepreneurship

- Same as the above for working moms 🙂

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