Sheena Melwani on 100 Million Views per Month on Tiktok, Restarting Your Career, and Spreading Joy Through Humor

Unless your “2020 pandemic resolution” was to disconnect from all social media, you have heard both Sheena’s angelic voice, and heard her contagious laugh at some point during your quarantine.  Videos of Sheena’s hilarious “Interrupted Series” (you know, the ones where she sings popular songs at her piano and is heckled by “The Real Indian Dad” off-screen) first surfaced on TikTok in April 2020.  In the nine months since, they have garnered over 600 million views across her social media platforms (with her current average now at 100 million per month on TikTok alone).  Some of the original singers of the songs Sheena has performed have participated in the madness, resulting in collaborations with the likes of Andy Grammer (Honey I’m Good) and JP Saxe (If The World Was Ending)  – all of whom have been featured in Sheena’s videos.  She has been featured in press across the globe for sharing her positive spirit, and unique marriage of music and humor, particularly during such difficult times.  But don’t let the playfulness fool you – Sheena is very much hard at work in her studio recording her debut EP which is scheduled for release early this year.  

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Sheena shares her journey as an artist before hitting 150 million views on accident. (3:27)
  • As Sheena began to hit milestones on social media early in her career, she decided to press pause on her career aspirations and focus on her young children. (5:31)
  • The significance of finding a group of women that can help raise each other up in whatever choices you make. (11:39)
  • One simple way to hit the restart button after pausing the career journey, for whatever reason, and how to stay the course. (13:37)
  • How Sheena’s bravery to learn new social media platforms and start before she was ready, led to creating content people needed. (15:38)
  • Being able to spread a little joy in a time when the world really needed some lightness was really important to her and her family. (23:17)
  • Different celebrities Sheena was able to connect with and even feature on her Tik Tok show during a time the world was shut down. (26:27)
  • The anthem Sheena wrote during the pandemic that has helped her push through the hard moments when giving up feels like an option. (30:39) 

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