Rachel Rodgers on Building a Law Practice From The Ground Up, Reversing Gender Roles in The Home, and Charging What You Are Worth

Rachel Rodgers is the CEO of Hello Seven, intellectual property lawyer and business coach. Rachel’s mission is to help women hit seven figures without sacrificing their families and sanity. Rachel works with entrepreneurs create and protect their own intellectual property to scale their businesses to a million+. Over the past seven years, she’s worked with NY Times bestselling authors, tech startups, coaches, consultants, doctors, accountants, nutritionists and so many more to take their business to the next level. Hello Seven just hit a massive— a million dollar month— meaning the company made 1 million in revenue in the month of June. Along with her work with Hello Seven, Rachel is also leading the conversation around social injustice and black wealth. Her “Anti-Racist Small Business” pledge has been signed by 2200 businesses and counting. Her expertise has been featured in CNBC Make It, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Women’s Health. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rachel’s journey from owning her own law practice to hitting seven figures and transitioning to a coach to help others do the same. (2:45)
  • How Rachel landed her first client by spreading the news word of mouth and emailing everyone she knew. (11:58)
  • The evolution of Rachel’s business from her first paying client to closing down her law practice, even though it was bringing in $700k. (18:01)
  • The role of being a mother and business owner requires a lot of the same skills and women do not need to hide in either role. (24:39)
  • The impact on Rachel’s marriage when she out earned her husband and the roles shifted, and the steps they took to combat societal messaging. (29:35)
  • The transition from making your services accessible to making sure your business is sustainable at the price point you’re charging. (37:27)
  • How Rachel went from being skeptical of the membership model to successfully launching her own with close to 2000 members now (40:38)

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