Navigating 2024 with Ease and Intention: A CEO’s Guide – By 9-Figure Founder, Suneera Madhani

How is it 2024 already?! 


If you, like me, are feeling like life passed you by this year, I encourage you to keep reading to find out why that’s not true. 


Was I the most intentional I could be with my time in 2023? No, probably not. Did I learn more about myself, including what does or doesn’t deserve my energy? Yes. 


Last year, many of us felt overwhelmed, and the word “busy” doesn’t capture the essence. I prefer the term “full,” suggesting intentionality and nurturing a sense of purpose and gratitude. If 2023 was full of things that don’t align with where you’re headed, that’s ok! You get a brand new slate to choose what things will make your 2024 the fullest yet. 


Identifying Key Buckets:

Reflect on the past year and identify three key buckets for this season—areas of focus for both personal and professional growth. This doesn’t commit you for the entire year; instead, it’s a quarterly approach to align with your current priorities.


Inside each bucket, pinpoint the top three priorities. For instance, in my life, I have family, a new tech company (stay tuned for details!), and CEO School. I’m getting granular on what specifically matters within each category.


Creating Space:

Creating space involves decluttering physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ask for help and be comfortable saying no. THIS is where it gets hard. The line between what you should say YES to, even when you want to say NO, and what you should say NO to because it doesn’t align with your goals, can be blurry at times. It’s like I always say: Nothing great ever came from comfort zones. But identifying what you’re avoiding out of fear and what you’re avoiding out of comfort, can be tricky. Try tuning into your intuition this year, because this step is crucial for achieving the quality and balance you desire.


Take time to reflect on what worked well and what didn’t in the past year. Declutter your life, both personally and professionally. Prioritize your well-being and engage in intentional conversations with your team, family, and partners.


Setting Intentions:

Hype yourself up for 2024! Set intentions for abundance, ease, freedom of time, freedom of dollars, and freedom of impact. I like to start my years with a visualization exercise. 


First step: Take credit. We’re very fast to discard everything we’ve done and we’ve normalized our milestones. Take a minute to notice them and congratulate yourself.


Second step: Imagine you’re at the top of your game – I’m talking HUGE: everything you’ve ever dreamed to be – and answer these questions: Where are you? – What are you wearing? – Who are you with? – How does it feel?


Lastly: Tap into HER and identify that you ARE her and you always have been.

When I do this exercise, I see myself wearing a suit, standing in a room of diverse, female entrepreneurs and teaching with confidence and passion. My team is always there supporting me and cheering me on.


So whenever I start to lose myself, or when I want to wear my CEO hat more

confidently; *that’s* who I channel.


Asking for Help:

Last but not least, in 2024, I’m making it my business to focus on collaboration. Asking for help and collaborating with others can significantly impact your journey for the better. 


Let this be your reminder to stop thinking about all the things you didn’t do and reflect on all the milestones you crossed while gaining awareness of what aligns with your current priorities. This year, embrace saying no to things that don’t align and avoiding the buffet syndrome—mindlessly piling tasks onto your plate.


Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you

Love, Sunny.

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