Embracing Success in 2024: Leaving Competition, Perfectionism, and Fear Behind By 9-Figure Founder, Suneera Madhani

If you know me, you know I’m not a quitter and I know you aren’t one either.


BUT when it comes to shedding past versions of ourselves, I think there’s a list of things we should all quit (and that we’re probably all doing)! 


And since I strive for pivoting instead of quitting, today we’re discussing what to bid farewell to in order to make 2024 our most successful year yet. Let’s dive into the top three things we need to leave behind.


Competition to Collaboration:

The first thing we’re saying NO to is competition. Now, I know our CEO School community thrives on collaboration, but let’s be honest – we often find ourselves glancing at others’ success, setting benchmarks for ourselves. However, the goal is not just to abandon external competition but also to gain awareness of the competition within ourselves, because we’re our biggest critics. Embracing collaboration will be a key theme in my year, and I encourage you to try it with me.


Perfectionism to 80/20 Rule:

Next up is perfectionism. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a constant struggle for me. Demanding excellence is important, but this year, I propose a practical approach – the 80/20 rule. Instead of chasing perfection across all fronts, let’s focus on getting a project to 80% and then asking for help if necessary for that final 20% magic touch. Delegating strategically and focusing on what truly matters ensures excellence without sacrificing your sanity while chasing perfection. 


Fear to Bold Assertiveness:

Fear, whether it’s imposter syndrome or not wanting to get uncomfortable, is something I struggle with. This year, I want us to be bold and assertive. I’m truly embracing the “fake it till you make it” mentality in 2024. It’s about standing up for what we believe in and taking (calculated) risks: sending that cold email, applying for positions, or investing in ourselves. Being scared won’t help us reach our 2024 goals. It’s time to step out of our comfort zones and make bold moves.


Bonus: Resentment to Emotional Liberation:

On a more personal note, I want us to let go of resentment. Emotional ties and traumas can be weights that hold us back. Identify and work through them. It comes down to freeing ourselves from feelings that slow us down. Mental health matters, especially on this entrepreneurial journey.


There are no coincidences.. If you’re reading this, this is your sign to put yourself first and start aligning your actions with your goals. It’s time to make the hard choice. 


This is the year to break free from limiting beliefs and to show ourselves what we’re truly capable of. 


Love, Suneera.

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