Failure is the Main Ingredient: 2 Michelin Star Chef Emma Bengtsson’s Recipe for Success

Welcome back to another episode of CEO School, live from the iconic New York Stock Exchange, where inspiration is as ubiquitous as the hustle and bustle of the trading floor. In this enthralling episode, Suneera, your favorite millennial host, brings us an extraordinary tale of passion, determination, and culinary excellence.

A Dream Transformed Into Culinary Artistry

Imagine trading the thrill of fighter jets for the precision of fine dining. Emma Bengtsson, originally aspiring to be a fighter pilot, found her true calling in the culinary world. She leads us through her transformative journey from a restless student to a culinary virtuoso, making history as the first Swedish chef—and one of the few women—to earn two Michelin stars. Her secret? A relentless pursuit of excellence and a dash of old-world charm, drawing heavily on the rich culinary traditions passed down from the women in her family.

The Heat of the Kitchen: Challenges and Triumphs

Running a top-tier restaurant like Aquavit isn’t just about crafting exquisite dishes; it’s about leading with gusto in a male-dominated industry. Emma discusses the rigorous standards required to maintain her Michelin stars, sharing insights that resonate deeply with anyone striving to excel in a challenging environment. Every service is performed with the precision and care of a Michelin judge watching, because, in Emma’s kitchen, every guest is royalty.

Sustenance for the Soul: Creating Love on a Plate

What sets Emma apart is her philosophy that cooking should be a reflection of one’s desires—a meal is not just food, but love served on a plate. Her favorite ingredients? Anything pickled or smoked, a testament to her Scandinavian roots and the flavors she cherishes from her childhood. These elements bring a slice of Sweden to the heart of New York, making Aquavit a beacon of unique and authentic gastronomy.

A Call to Action: Support Women in Culinary

As the podcast wraps up, a powerful message resonates: the culinary world, much like any field, flourishes when diversity is embraced and celebrated. Emma Bengtsson’s journey is not just about her individual success but about paving the way for more women to follow in her footsteps. She urges us to support female chefs and entrepreneurs, reminding us that every choice we make at the dining table can contribute to a more inclusive industry.

Join the Movement: Listen and Learn

Tune into this inspiring episode of CEO School to hear directly from Emma Bengtsson. Let her story ignite your passion and perhaps even change the way you think about food, success, and the power of following your dreams.

See you at the next reservation, where dreams meet the dinner table!

– The CEO School Team

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