Why Speaking Up for Yourself is a Matter of Life and Death with Rachel Luna

Rachel Luna is Certified Master Coach, International Speaker, Forbes rated Top 11 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram (@GirlConfident) + Chief Confidence Creator at RachelLuna.Biz. 

She helps remarkable individuals just like you get clear, confident and taking consistent action, so you can do that big thing you were born to do. She’s helped thousands of people around the world through her book, weekly emails, speaking tours, workshops and digital courses.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rachel shares her journey with her cancer diagnosis, why we need to be our best advocate for all things, especially health
  • The importance of learning to trust yourself for the answers that are within you and not lean on others for validation and direction
  • Owning the stories you have in your life, the part you play and rewriting the lies that we tell ourselves that hold us back
  • Why you need to get clear on your identity and who you are, having a 5 year plan for your ideas, and using failure as a compass  
  • Rachel’s three step faith activated method for starting a journaling practice today 

Find out more about Rachel’s journaling program Faith Activated: 

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