Why It’s Never Too Late to Pivot And Pursue Your Passions with Kay Rawlins

Kay Rawlins is a Founder and owner of Orlando City Soccer Club and serves as the Senior VP of Community Relations and President of the Foundation. Kay heads up the Orlando City Foundation and is a board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida, Cannonball Kids cancer, Central Florida Foundation, 4 Rivers Foundation, Florida Sports Foundation and the Commission on Homelessness.  Kay was awarded 2016 Businesswoman of the Year by the Orlando Business Journal and gave a talk at TEDx Orlando 2017.

  • Kay shares her diverse career experiences from working in banking to getting two college degrees at 31 and owning two childcare centers in England (6:07)
  • Her move to Austin, TX, the challenges she faced there to start the soccer club and her move to Orlando (9:04)
  • Creating a raving fan base for the Soccer Club in Orlando and using grassroot marketing to create a vision the community rallies around (16:41)
  • Kay shares how she uses the platform she has built to champion women, inclusivity and diversity in the Orlando City Soccer Club and the Orlando community. (27:43)

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