Tu-Hein Le on Creating the Solution to Breast Pump Discomfort, Showing up Consistently, and Leveraging a Grassroots Marketing Strategy

Tu-Hien founded a brand that started from an idea in her dining room to now a 7-figure e-commerce business. Throughout her journey in building a product-based e-commerce business, she learned from mentors, coaches, and by taking action. Tu-Hien is also connecting with mom entrepreneurs to pass along valuable knowledge gained through her journey so they too can achieve success in their business while also raising a family.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Tu-Hien shares her experience with pumping and how it inspired her to find specific solutions for discomfort while pumping (3:43)
  • She shares her first foray into what creating the initial prototype looked like and why customer development was the most important part (6:47)
  • The impact of looking at the minimum viable product vs maximum viable product, and why it’s more important to incorporate a feedback loop rather than creating a perfect product on the first try  (9:49)
  • Tu-Hien walks us through her social media and go-to-market strategy, including her digital acquisition of customers for her e-commerce business through perhaps an unconventional way (20:34)
  • What kept Tu-Hein going in the early years of product development and bringing it ot market (23:30)
  • Tu-Hien shares some big “aha” moments she realizes now in hindsight and what she would tell her past self (25:03)
  • What’s in the future for BeauGen and new product lines (27:58)

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