The Time Management Lab


Go from unclear and overwhelmed to a proactive, efficient, and goal-achieving entrepreneur in only 12 lessons. 


In 10 years, I took my business from $0 to $1B. 

But that’s not all. In that same time frame, I raised two daughters, launched a 1M downloads entrepreneurship podcast, traveled the world, spoke at dozens of conferences, built my second company, and successfully exited my first business. 


Through years of struggle, burnout, and costly mistakes, I gathered and perfected the strategies that allow me to keep showing up as a CEO while still having all the time in the world for just… life! 

This course is your A-Z blueprint to optimize your time and finally achieve the #1 reason why you built a company: Freedom. 

I’m handing over the systems and playbooks that have saved me years of my life, all in a 2-module, self-paced program, backed by a community of multi-figure founders. 



The time management lab

In just 2 short modules, you will

Identify your needle movers for the next 12 months and create a plan that is aligned and sustainable

Learn the strategies & routines that will keep you focused while taking back your time

Get crystal clear on your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them

What is inside The Time Management Lab?

Time Management Foundations: The Ultimate Guide to 10x Your Time

Want to scale your business but lack time & energy? 

I’m Suneera Madhani, an unlikely CEO.

With immigrant parents and two kids, I scaled my first company to $1B.


I’ve seen hundreds of women scale their businesses at the expense of their time.


In this module, you will get the right tools to strategically plan your year and gather the strategies & routines that will keep you focused while taking back your time.

You don’t have to choose, you can have it all.

10 in-depth lessons

10 in-depth lessons

Lesson 1: Setting your Time Management Baseline

Lesson 2: Visualizing Your Success

Lesson 3: The Three Bucket Principle

Lesson 4: Getting Clear on Your Needle-Movers

Lesson 5: Breaking Down Your Goals

Lesson 6: Deep Dive: Measuring Your Goals with OKRs

Lesson 7: Do, Delegate, & Delete

Lesson 8: How to Plan Your Week in 15’’ or Less.

Lesson 9: Deep Dive: How to 10x Your Time

Lesson 10: What’s next?

In this bonus module, we bring like-minded, multi-figure founders to share their expertise on the subject. 

Get exclusive access to guest experts like Corinne Morohan and Heather Chauvin while watching them bring all the lessons to life

Bonus Material

Corinne Morohan

Heather Chauvin


Lesson 11: Get Organized And Make Time For What You Love with Corinne

Lesson 11: Get Organized And Make Time For What You Love w/ Corinne

Corinne Morohan is an Organizing & Productivity Expert. As a wife and mom of two, she knows firsthand the challenges of trying to do it all.

BUT, she also knows that an organized home and strong routines can bring joy and ease to every area of our lives. She founded Grid + Glam to make the process of getting organized as easy as possible for busy founders like you, so that you have more time to do what you love. 

In this bonus module, Corinne dives deep into the systems that she uses (and teaches other busy entrepreneurs!) to allow her the time and energy to still do what she loves. 

Lesson 12: Recharge When You’re Feeling Burned Out with Heather C.

Lesson 12: Recharge When You’re Feeling Burned Out with Heather C.

Heather Chauvin was dying to be a good mother. Literally.

After an unexpected diagnosis, something finally clicked and she started making changes in her life that she had put on the back-burner.

Heather now teaches other women how to show up for themselves and start living and feeling better, NOW.

In this bonus module, you’ll learn the methods Heather uses to recharge when she’s feeling burned out. 

Your Downloadables

Get access to the whole Time Management Playbook including:


Your quarterly planning playbook 
The do-less worksheet
The house playbook worksheet 
The time audit worksheet
 How to build an SOP. 

The Time Management Lab arms you with a clear and actionable guide to take back your time and start running your business instead of the other way around. 

The time management lab

As soon as you join

Get immediate access to 2 modules & 12 lessons from me and experts that will change the way you look at entrepreneurship. 

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