Things you should quit as a female founder – from 9 figure founder, Suneera Madhani

If you know me, you know I’m not a quitter and I know you aren’t one either.

BUT when it comes to being a great CEO, I think there’s a list of things we should all quit (and that we’re probably all doing) ! 

1️. Trying to please everyone.

This is a big one for me. As CEO of a billion dollar company, there’s just too many people I can disappoint on a daily basis and, guess what? I do. I disappoint people constantly and I care a little too much about it. The thing is, I caught myself being inauthentic and doing things out of pressure instead of passion which resulted in me being unhappy.

So… I challenged myself. I challenged myself to do things I want to do even if that means being disliked. I challenged myself to stop doing things I hated even if that means disappointing a couple of people. I’m choosing myself and putting myself first from now on.

2️. Self shaming.

Oof, am I guilty of this one. As a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a CEO, you name it: I’ve shamed myself every step of the way. But I learned, with the years, to recognize this voice in my head. The voice that makes up stories and brings my energy down when, in reality, I’m trying my very best.

And you know what I do? I give that voice compassion and understanding. I don’t judge it, for it’s showing me what I need to work on, but I don’t let it run my mind or ruin my day, either. I take it as just another part of myself that I need to learn to love. And believe me, it only started to get better once I started to understand it rather than fight it.

3️. Holding onto resentment

When I practiced letting go of resentment my life changed. Holding onto things made me the most burned out I’ve ever been: whereas it was a business partner, a family member, or a friend, resenting people who hurt us only holds space in your minds and fills it with negative energy.

As CEO, space for creative flow, for thinking, for good energy, is vital. We need to be willing to let go and forgive so we can finally move closer to our better and happier selves. 

There are no coincidences.. If you’re reading this, this is your sign to put yourself first. It’s time to make the hard choice to prioritize your future self, even if it means growing pains for your present self —

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