Things I’m Committing to Over the Next 5 Years as a CEO – from 9 figure founder, Suneera Madhani

Five years ago, I wrote a LinkedIn article on lessons I learned in my twenties. 

Yesterday, it felt only right to look back at the article and reflect on everything I’ve learned and accomplished since then (taking credit!) :

 👧🏽 Welcoming another amazing daughter

🌟 Being part of Fortune’s 40 Under 40

🦄 Scaling a unicorn company to over 100m in revenue

💜 Stax being recognized as a Best Place To Work by INC.

🏆 Being named Entrepreneur of the Year by EY

🎙 Scaling the @ceoschool Podcast to top 25 (yes, top 25!!) and a reach of half a million women!


So much of my life to date has been about my professional bucket list and always putting others —my business team, family, or femme community— first.


And even though I’m proud of those accomplishments, I’m now ready to shift my focus to the future.


Soo… Instead of lessons this time, I came up with a new list of 5️⃣ things I’m *committing* to in the next five years, because all of that 👆🏽 is only chapter one of my story.


Here it is, vulnerably as always –


1️. Putting myself first – no, actually doing it. (I promise)


For the first time, I’m prioritizing “me time” for the things I love most to help my mental, physical, and emotional health. Don’t believe me? I already left my first company – yup, the one I scaled to 9 figures – because it’s time to prioritize my happiness for once. 


2️. Being in the moment


We have a running joke at the company that we operate on “Stax time,” which is akin to dog years — time moves pretty fast! I’m looking forward to intentionally slowing down, focusing on being in the moment, paying attention, and savoring the present. Especially in real life and business life.


3️. Delegating more


For so long, I’ve been the leader who’s done it all, whether in the trenches with my team, or serving as the voice and face of the company. I’m proud of the team I’ve built, and it’s time to let go of many day-to-day items and let my team carry some water.


4️. Focusing on my legacy


At my heart, I’m a change-maker. But what I’m most interested in now is channeling that energy into creating a lasting legacy. I’m going to use what I’ve learned to be a true ally to others.


5️. Not caring about *perception*


I care too much. About everything honestly. My people, my company, my family, my community, my mentees – the list goes on. Not only do I care – I also care too much about everyone’s opinions. How I show up, what I say (online and offline), and mostly about how I am *perceived*.. And although it’s one of my superpowers as a leader (caring a shi*t ton), It’s time for me to just be. Be fully me and show up without the fear of perception.


You’ve seen this shift in my voice over the last 5 years and I am ready to just let go of any mental blockers that hold me back in sharing my full voice, true self, and honestly the best CEO, Mom, Wife, Podcaster, Creator, Change Maker, I’ve ever been.


Here’s to the next years ! 🥂

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