Stephanie Waitt, CEO

Title: CEO


Dr Stephanie Waitt is a licensed professional counselor and certified eating disorder specialist and loves treating eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression at her practice, Texoma Specialty Counseling. Stephanie is also CEO of The Recovery Academy, an on demand eating disorder support community. Stephanie began her career treating eating disorders in 2006 at Timberline Knolls and has worked in Inpatient and Outpatient settings since that time. She started her practice in 2016 and quickly realized the lack of support, treatment, and resources for individuals dealing with an eating disorder. Stephanie believes that eating Disorder Education and advocacy are important to making eating disorder treatment more accessible and enjoys opportunities to teach others about how fun treating eating disorders can be! 


Stephanie has presented at professional conferences about the treatment and assessment of eating disorders and has been featured on popular podcasts like Positive Nutrition, Body Love Project, Abundance Practice Builders, and she has had blogs published by ProjectHeal, Balance Treatment, NEDIC, and Thrive Global as well as featured on local news channels for her expertise in treating eating disorders and growing a successful specialty private practice. 


In her work with young men and women she aims to help individuals find balance, peace, confidence, and happiness with their bodies, relationships, and life. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and encourages people that being a little selfish is a really good thing. Stephanie helps people learn to find peace with their bodies, gain confidence and the power to live the life they want right now. You can learn more about her and her practice at 


Social Links

Recovery Academy with Dr Steph in YouTube


Unfxck Your Body Image: A Private FB Group for those in eating disorder recovery


Instagram: @Hey_DrSteph


Tik Tok: @stephaniewaitt


Eating Disorder Education and Support Resources:


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Connection with other badass women who GET It and will cheer for me and also help me grow. I need help to scale my business and don't even know where to start sometimes. I hope to learn as much as I can to see my business earn 7+figures!

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