Stephanie Lee, Operations Consultant & Project Manager

Title: Operations Consultant & Project Manager


Hi I'm Stephanie,

I'm a wife and my 2 children call me their super woman. I have two pets, a quaker parrot and Bischon Frise  I love to travel, learn new things and indulge in personal development activities.  The beach and mountains are my happy places as long as I can bring along my Albanese gummy bears.

I'm a business owner at Cresswind Marketing. I'm a Operations Consultant & Project Manager who help my clients gain peace of mind, better profits, and vacations without their laptops!I partner with small to mid-size business leaders to increase their profit and performance by improving their project management, client experience, team communication, and bottom line.

I specialize in hiring, operations, project management, strategic workflows and productivity. I‘m a firm believer that your business should make your life better, not busier, and I work hard to give my clients the leanest systems, workspaces, and resources they need to scale their company and get their time back.

What I want to get from The Club is...

Network & Collaborate with other women

Growth mindset

Grow as a thought leader in my industry

Increase my skills



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