Molly Mandje, Business Manager

Title: Business Manager


Molly is an organizer who weaves complex problems into tidy solutions by appreciating nuance and narrative. Her practicality is from Maine, of which she is a many-generation native. After graduating as a first-generation college student, Molly took advantage of one of those great times of life upheaval and threw a dart at the US map, ending up in Boulder, Colorado. Tech jobs led her to Germany and then New York City, and now the Pandemic of 2020 welcomes her to Maine. It’s anyone’s guess as to how long that will last.

Along with her Catalan husband and three children, Molly is chasing quality of life and hoarding joy, all while reading 500 pages a week.

What I want to get from The Club is...

I'd like to learn leadership skills, general business skills, and gain the confidence to break patterns from old workplaces. I'm in a women-owned company and intensely supported by my founders, but it's up to me to fly! I need a break from imposter syndrome.

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