Lissele Pratt, Founder

Title: Founder


I am a passionate, motivated and highly determined entrepreneur with a strong desire to succeed. My background lies in the financial services industry, particularly in deliverable FX and payments with over 6 years of industry experience.

I am a complete student to life and In my spare time I love to read, I believe that life is a continuous journey of learning and development so there will always be more to learn and discover.

I also love to meditate as it helps me stay focused in the present moment, clears my mind and helps me concentrate. I also enjoy travelling the world, trying out new restaurants and the usual stuff people do!

If you are a young woman who has just started out in her career or business, and you’re seeking guidance and mentoring, please do reach out as I’d be happy to help. I know we could all do with the extra support in the early days.

“Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right." - Henry Ford

As Co-Founder at Capitalixe, Lissele Pratt helps companies in high-risk industries obtain the latest financial technology and banking solutions. 

With 6+ years of experience in the financial services industry and her global perspective, the entrepreneurial-minded Lissele is a recognised expert in foreign exchange, payments and financial technology. 

Lissele was the first-ever female to be awarded top salesperson at her previous company and was recently listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe Finance 2021 list. 

What I want to get from The Club is...

I want to get to seven figures and connect with other likeminded women!

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