Ali Villegas, Owner, Olive Branch Provisions

Title: Owner, Olive Branch Provisions


With a background in Culinary Nutrition, I am a Nutrition Educator turned Culinary Teacher with a charcuterie business on the side. I started Olive Branch Provisions to have an artistic outlet while also spreading joy. So often the little wins aren't celebrated (including birthdays) and I wanted a consumable product people could give to anyone without knowing specific preferences. My charcuterie boxes and boards are perfect to take with friends wine tasting, over to your friend's backyard in sweats to catch up, to celebrate your bestie's promotion, or your boss' birthday. My business was started in February 2021 and looking forward to the growth ahead to be able to offer services for weddings and parties alike.

What I want to get from The Club is...

Basics of starting a business to make sure I am being efficient and productive while not forgetting anything. Besides an MLM this is my first run at a business on my own. I have a vision but need help with the steps to make it a reality. Looking for assistance of everything from SOPs to finding investors (or if they are necessary).

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