The Systems Lab

Learn how to run your business, not the other way around. 

Go from chaos to streamlined success with this step-by-step guide to nailing efficiency. 



The secret to building a business that can live on without you? Systems.

(Simple as that)

In 10 years, I took my business from $0 to $1B. But let’s break it down: 

In that same time frame, my business went from 
0 to 300+ employees
0 to $23B in transactions
0 to 30K+ customers


After a Fast Company Article feature in 2014, my company started bringing in more sales than we could handle. Fires started to catch, systems started to break, and I almost threw the towel once or twice. 

Now, I can confidently say that I’ve cracked the systems and playbooks that can streamline your business and have it work as a well-oiled machine. 

I'm handing you the exact systems and playbooks I used to scale my company to 9 figures .

This course is your A-Z blueprint to master efficiency and start running your company (& not the other way around!). 



In just 3 short modules, you will

Audit your business and get all the playbooks you need to systemize and standardize its processes to ensure you’re scale-ready

Gain clarity on what to continue to do, what you can delegate, and what is no longer serving your company. 

Get a deep-dive into our favorite operations softwares from Streamlined Systems Experts

What is inside The Systems Lab?

System Foundations: The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Efficiency

When I set out to build my own company, I had no idea what I needed to do, let alone how to do it the right way. 

I’m Suneera Madhani, an unlikely CEO.

I went on to scale that same company to $1B and successfully exit it.

After years of wasting time and money on costly mistakes, I cracked the way to turn my business into a well-oiled machine that could live on without me. 


Once you’ve got the playbooks to build a bullet-proof system, the rest is history. 

In this module, you’ll audit your business and get all the playbooks you need to systemize and standardize its processes to ensure you’re scale-ready.


Jordyn Bailey is not just a Project Manager for Marketing Consultants + Agencies; she's also a Growth Strategist, a Director of Operations, and a Streamlined Systems Expert. Her diverse expertise spans various facets of business operations, making her a powerhouse in the field.

In this module, you'll discover why efficient systems are the backbone of any successful venture.

The operations side of a business is the engine that keeps everything running smoothly. Without well-designed and streamlined systems, even the most brilliant ideas and strategies can fall short of their potential. Jordyn will guide you through the critical role that systems play in enhancing productivity, reducing inefficiencies, and ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Learn From an Expert: An In-Depth Guide to Streamlining Your Business with Jordyn Bailey

Jordyn Bailey


Founder at Jordyn Bailey Consulting

21 in-depth lessons

21 in-depth lessons

Lesson 2: An Introduction to Systems 

Lesson 3: Mastering CRM: An In-Depth Introduction 

Lesson 4: Streamlining Success: A Dubsado Dive-Deep

Lesson 5: Building your Dubsado Project Dashboard 

Lesson 6: Optimize your Customer Experience with Dubsado

Lesson 7: Unleashing Efficiency: Project Management 101 

Lesson 8: Airtable Explained: An In-Depth Guide 

Lesson 9: Nailing your Airtable Bases

Lesson 10: Email Marketing Insights: Lead Generation and Conversion

Lesson 11: Flodesk Fundamentals: Nailing Opt-In Forms

Lesson 12: Crafting Effective Workflows

Lesson 13: Master Your Email Set-Up

Lesson 14: Digital Revenue Streams: Course Platforms 101

Lesson 15: Simplified Success through Kartra 

Lesson 16: Kartra Pages Explained

Lesson 17: Creating Opt-In Forms through Kartra

Lesson 18: Sell Your Products Through Kartra  

Lesson 19: Set Up Your Kartra Membership 

Lesson 20: Understanding Kartra Communications

Lesson 21: Automation Excellence: Streamlining Your Business

Lesson 22: Creating Zaps in Zapier

In this bonus module, we bring like-minded, multi-figure founders to share their expertise on the subject. 

Get exclusive access to guest experts like Eden Strader and Suneera Madhani while watching them bring all the lessons to life. 

Bonus Material

Eden Strader

Suneera Madhani


Lesson 23: System Strategies to Capitalize Your Bizz with Eden Strader 

Lesson 23: System Strategies to Capitalize Your Bizz with Eden Strader 

Eden Strader, a thriving six-figure Destination-Wedding Photographer turned inspiring business coach, serves as a beacon for numerous creative entrepreneurs in their journey toward artistic growth, wealth, and personal empowerment.

In this bonus lesson, Eden delves deep into the art of system strategies that can propel your business to new heights. Discover how to harness these strategies to maximize the potential of your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Lesson 24: Learn From Like-Minded Women: Process Q&A with Suneera 

Lesson 24: Learn From Like-Minded Women: Process Q&A with Suneera 

Community is my passion, and in this lesson, you'll experience the true power of it. 

Gain exclusive access to a Q&A session held within my private mastermind group, where like-minded women facing similar challenges and obstacles have their burning questions addressed by me. 

This value-packed 60-minute session offers insights, solutions, and inspiration for women just like you, seeking to overcome hurdles and make progress in their journeys.

Lesson 25: Exclusive Coaching Call with Suneera Madhani

Lesson 25: Exclusive Coaching Call with Suneera Madhani

Join me for a powerful 60-minute coaching call focused on the art of system strategies. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to streamline your business, or seeking to optimize your existing systems, this exclusive coaching call will empower you. 

Gain valuable solutions as we dive into the world of systems, ensuring your business operates like a well-oiled machine. It's your opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise of like-minded founders to transform your systems and elevate your business.

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The Systems Lab arms you with the right systems and playbooks you need to systemize and standardize your business processes to ensure you’re scale-ready.  

the systems lab

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