The Science of Somatics: Liz Tenuto on Navigating Work-Related Stress at The Workout Witch

In a world where hustling hard is the norm, it’s easy to overlook the toll it takes on our bodies and minds. But what if we told you that the secret to thriving in your business lies in healing from within? Liz Tenuto, the workout witch and a sensation on TikTok, shares her revolutionary approach on the latest CEO School podcast, and it’s all about using Somatics to reclaim your energy and focus.

From Stress to Success: The Power of Somatics

Liz, a powerhouse at The Workout Witch, has turned her personal pain into a pathway for others, teaching simple yet powerful somatic exercises that help release the chronic stress entrepreneurs know all too well. These aren’t your average stretches. We’re talking about movements that reset your nervous system, bringing you from a state of constant ‘on’ to a blissful balance that feels just right.

Your Business Needs Your Best Self

Every decision, every challenge, and every little task you tackle as a founder demands not just your time, but your best self. Liz’s journey reveals a crucial lesson: the state of your body directly impacts the state of your business. When you’re stuck in survival mode, weighed down by stress, your business can’t help but reflect that chaos. But imagine operating from a place of calm strength. That’s the game-changer!

A Daily Dose of Healing

If you think this sounds time-consuming, think again. Liz has crafted her methods to fit the busiest of schedules. Just ten minutes a day can shift you from frazzled to focused, from pain to power. It’s about making small, consistent changes that build a resilient foundation for both you and your business.

Connect, Heal, and Elevate

Liz isn’t just about individual healing; she’s a testament to the power of community. In our chat, she emphasizes how connecting with others and sharing these practices can amplify our collective strength. As female founders, when we lift each other up, share resources like Liz’s techniques, and embrace our well-being, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

The Takeaway: Small Movements, Big Shifts

So, what’s the real takeaway here? It’s that taking care of yourself is not just about personal health—it’s a critical business strategy. Liz’s approach through somatics isn’t just revolutionary; it’s essential. By starting with our own well-being, we set the stage for our businesses to thrive. And let’s face it, the world needs more women leaders who are not just surviving but thriving.

Ready to transform stress into your superpower? Tune into the full episode with Liz Tenuto on the CEO School podcast and start your journey to a more balanced, powerful entrepreneurial life. Listen Now!

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