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I have this saying that I live by: “You have feelings, I have numbers”. 

As a WOC in a male-dominated industry, I was always taught to shy away from the financial side of my business. 

And I’m not gonna lie… I wasn’t mad about it. Something about looking at my numbers always scared me in the beginning stages of my business.

10 years later, I was able to scale my business to a billion-dollar valuation and, guess what? Not looking at my numbers didn’t last past my first quarter. 

The truth is, you don’t have to be an expert: You just have to know your numbers enough to be dangerous. 

Now? Profit is one of my most taught lessons. Not only because data allows you to explore and track real processes, but because it allows you to measure.
And you can’t change what you can’t measure.

I’m handing you the roadmap to achieve a profitable business that unlocks cash freedom, all in a 10-lesson, self-paced course, backed by a community of multi-figure founders.



In just 2 short modules, you will

Understand how data allows you to explore, measure, and track real processes

Learn how to use your product suite and pricing optimization to plan ahead

Gain clarity on what Key Performance Indicators are and which to track to achieve your goals



What is inside The Profit Lab?

Pricing Foundations: The Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Business

While building a company from $0-$1B, I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and dive deep into numbers!

I’m Suneera Madhani, an unlikely CEO.

Take it from me: 10 years later, I understand what key indicators to measure and how to use them to my advantage and, as daunting as it seemed at first, I wouldn’t have gotten far without analyzing the data that my business was throwing at me.

In this module, you’ll understand how data allows you to explore, measure, and track real processes.

You can’t change what you can’t measure.

Let’s make sure you’re equipped to change your business for the better. 


6 in-depth lessons

6 in-depth lessons

Lesson 1: You Have Feelings, We Have Math

Lesson 2: Place Prices Like a PRO

Lesson 3: Leading vs Lagging Indicators

Lesson 4: Align Your Pricing With All Areas of Business

Lesson 5: Let’s Make Some Money!

Lesson 6: Energy Maintenance: Map Out Your Year on Your Own Terms

In this bonus module, we bring like-minded, multi-figure founders to share their expertise on the subject. 

Get exclusive access to guest experts like Jennifer Dawn, Kristen Hillman, and Lesley Batson while watching them bring all the lessons to life. 

Bonus Material 

Jennifer Dawn

Kristen Hillman

Lesley Batson


Business Coach

Founder at Rebel Rock Wealth

Founder of Viticula Financial

Lesson 7: Five Steps to Cash Flow Freedom with Jennifer Dawn

Lesson 7: Five Steps to Cash Flow Freedom with Jennifer Dawn

Million-dollar founder, Jennifer Dawn, is passionate about supporting female founders in growing exponential businesses.

With entrepreneurship in her blood, Jennifer has always set out to do things HER way. After a few hiccups from building and scaling her own companies, she found her passion for coaching and never looked back.

In this lesson, Jennifer dives deep into how to achieve cash flow freedom by having profit on your radar, front and center.

Lesson 8: The Journey to Financial Literacy with Kristen Hillman

Lesson 8: The Journey to Financial Literacy with Kristen Hillman

After working in Private Equity for over 20 years and, later on, working as a Financial Analysis Consultant for startups, Kristen ventured on her own and built Viticula Financial to support other female founders with their finances.

Imagine looking at your financial data and feeling calm and relaxed. Knowing that all of the information you need is right in front of you and that you have the tools to use it to make better decisions and scale your business confidently.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to achieve that, and more!

Lesson 9: What Your Financial Advisor Didn’t Tell You with Lesley Batson

Lesson 9: What Your Financial Advisor Didn’t Tell You with Lesley Batson

Lesly Baston is a Wealth Strategist disrupting the herd mentality around personal and business finances.

Her mission is to serve individuals and business owners by teaching and helping them implement tax-smart, wealth building strategies through her company, Rebel Rock Wealth.

In this lesson, Lesly demystifies finances and helps you regain your power over your numbers because, although you were told to make money, you were never taught how to manage it. 

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