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Learn how to craft a marketing strategy that disrupts

Go from blending into the mix to becoming a standout brand, even inside a saturated market.



Being liked by everyone is not a luxury you can afford, especially in a saturated digital market.

In 10 years, I took my business from $0 to $1B. 


Not only was my business idea disruptive in the Fintech industry, but I built my marketing strategy around doing things differently: Loudly and proudly. 

A minority founder building a never-before-seen payment processing system while adopting the color orange as the brand’s DNA? Some called me crazy, but it got me to 9 figures in less than a decade. 

I built a Fintech company, yes, but my true passion? Marketing. That’s what I consider to be my zone of genius. 

I'm handing you the exact marketing playbook that I’ve perfected over the years and used to turn my business into a standout and world renowned brand.

This course is your A-Z blueprint to master brand positioning and start confidently sharing your truth without the fear of losing customers.



In just 3 short modules, you will

Uncover the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and its vital role in scaling your business

Learn how to build your scalable marketing machine from industry experts

Nail a marketing strategy that will catapult your business and help you stand out in a saturated market 

What is inside The Marketing Lab?

Marketing Foundations: The Ultimate Guide to Brand Positioning

Without a strong marketing strategy, you’re just another fish in the sea.

In this module, we’ll uncover the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and its vital role in scaling your business. 

I’m Suneera Madhani, an unlikely CEO.
I, against all odds, scaled my first company to $1B and learned some valuable marketing lessons along the way.

From understanding the marketing landscape and why sharing your truth is crucial, to learning marketing do’s and don’ts from industry experts, you’ll nail your marketing strategy through 3 value-packed modules. 


Suneera Madhani

Jenna Kutcher

Victoria Hajjar

Jasmine Star

Host of the Goal Digger Podcast

Founder of Ugli Ventures

Host of the Jasmine Star Show

4 in-depth lessons

4 in-depth lessons

Lesson 1: The Power Of Your Story

Lesson 2: Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition 

Lesson 3: Identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar

Lesson 4: Identifying your Transformation Statement

3 bonus lessons

3 bonus lessons

Lesson 5: Building Your Scalable Marketing Machine with Victoria Hajjar

Lesson 6: How To Stand Out in a Saturated Industry with Jasmine Star

Lesson 7: Jenna Kutcher's Guide to Audience Growth & Brand Positioning

Jeanelle Teves is a transformational leader on a mission to empower women in the workplace. As the General Manager of Bugaboo North America, she has led successive years of growth for the premiere, Dutch-designed stroller company.

In this module, Suneera joins Jeanelle in conversation as she dives deep into everything marketing and teaches you why your websites can be your million-dollar asset. 

Turning Your Website into Your Million-Dollar Asset by Jeanelle Teves

Jeanelle Teves

Before joining Bugaboo, Jeanelle had a decade-long career in leadership roles at Nike, first in the Amsterdam European headquarters and then in New York City. At Nike, she launched new product categories celebrating sports across all body types, including Nike’s first dance and yoga line for plus-size and pregnant women.


General Manager of Bugaboo North America

6 in-depth lessons

6 in-depth lessons

Lesson 8: Creating a Million-Dollar Website

Lesson 9: Enter the World of Web Analytics: Find Your Front Doors

Lesson 10: Mastering Website Navigation

Lesson 11: Unlocking the Power of Website Search Bars

Lesson 12: Maximizing Conversion: Optimize your "Add to cart" Experience

Lesson 13: Tying the Bow: Module Summary

In this bonus module, we bring like-minded, multi-figure founders to share their expertise on the subject. 

Get exclusive access to the Fire-Side Chats by guest experts like Macy McNeely, Becca Berg and Amy Porterfield.

Bonus Material: Fire-Side Chats

Amy Porterfield

Macy McNeely


Becca Berg

Host of Online Marketing Made Easy

CEO & Founder of Dubsado

Co-CEO at GUIDE Culture

Lesson 14: Make Money Naturally Without Feeling Gross by Macy McNeely

Lesson 14: Make Money Naturally Without Feeling Gross by Macy McNeely

Macy McNeely is a Sales Expert, Co-CEO at GUIDE Culture, and the GUIDE Culture Podcast Host. Macy helps business owners to confidently make more sales, captivate better clients, and create impactful team cultures. 

In this lesson you will understand why when you’re not persuading, you’re waiting, discover that making money can be a natural byproduct of your life, and learn how that can be true without feeling gross about the selling process.

Lesson 15: Selling and Retaining Customers with CEO Becca Berg

Lesson 15: Selling and Retaining Customers with CEO Becca Berg

Becca Berg is the co-founder and CEO of Dubsado, a blank canvas for your business needs across countless industries. Business owners and service providers use Dubsado to automate back end tasks. Tasks such as: invoicing, sending contracts, proposals, questionnaires and forms, scheduling and emails.

In this lesson you will learn how Becca went from 300 newsletter subscribers that turned into Dubsado’s first 100 customers, to a world-renowned business management platform, get valuable insight into the mistakes Becca has made along the way, and understand how to become an expert at selling while listening to customer’s needs to ensure retention.

Lesson 16: The Blueprint for Successful Webinar Launches with Amy P.

Lesson 16: The Blueprint for Successful Webinar Launches with Amy P.

Amy Porterfield is an ex-corporate girl, author, online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. She is also a NY Times Best Selling Author and now teaches entrepreneurs the steps, strategies, and shortcuts that will help them start or grow their profitable online business.

In this lesson Amy shares her success and the many mistakes she made along the way so that you don’t have to make them, too, teaches you all about how she thinks about launches, and provides valuable insight into her do’s, her don’ts, and the playbook to create a successful webinar launch. 

The Marketing Lab arms you with the right knowledge, systems, and strategies you need to catapult your business through digital marketing. 


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Get immediate access to 3 modules & 16 lessons from me and experts that will show you the way to a standout brand. 

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