The CEO School Blog is back with a bang! 💥

March is here! And it’s our favorite month of the year. Highlighting women? That’s what we love to do MOST 🥳And… this month’s theme inside our memberships is everything Public Relations. 

Keep reading to know what our female founders had access to this week…


Nirali Shah, one of our Program alumni, taught our Club members everything about projecting power when pitching your product. 

Because It isn’t just about feeling confident. It’s about looking confident, talking confidently, and influencing how others perceive you & ensuring they perceive you as POWERFUL. . 

Nirali taught us about expanders: The person that is already where you want to be. When unsure of yourself, channel that person, and think “what would *they* do”. (They probably wouldn’t be nervous about this!). Create expanders for your different identities. 

Woo! There’s nothing we love more than showing business owners that they *already* have the power to begin with. They just have to TAKE IT! 

Time for our weekly wins 🤩 ⚡️


Congratulations to Jewell Rowlands for having a super successful staff meeting that was the first of its kind for her company. 🥳 Incredible news! We couldn’t be happier that having a mentor alongside you and the opportunity to network with other powerhouse female founders is paying off 👏

What about this win right here: Lindsay Williams bid on a project and it was finally green-lit to go forward. WOW 🤯Talk about owning your power. Way to go, Lindsay ✨


Our favorite moment of the week 🙋🏽‍♀️⤵️


The rumors are true: Our founder, Suneera Madhani, took Manasa Mantravadi, one of our CEO School alumni and part of our 2% Club cohort, as her plus 1 to the Forbes 30/50 Summit in, get this, Abu Dhabi ! 🤯 🤩

Because being IN the room and saying YES is important, but paying it forward, uplifting others, and bringing them in the room with you, matters, too. 


It made us incredibly happy to see Manasa sitting at the table 👏🏽 Empowered women, empower women, *that’s* exactly what happens when we bring women together.



And of course, we couldn’t let you go empty-handed: Doors to our first in-person event of the year are finally open 👏🏽 🙋🏽‍♀️ 

Join our founder, Suneera Madhani and 20 of your new business besties in this 2.5-day intensive workshop & exclusive business retreat in sunny LA – where you’ll leave with an executable plan for scaling your business with ease, tailored insight, and 1-1 coaching from a billion dollar CEO and a network of powerhouse female founders who are multi six and seven figures. 

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