Suneera Madhani on How to Handle Your Inner Mean Girl, Achieve Your Goals, and Become More Confident

  • An important reminder to take credit and be kind to ourselves for all the things we are doing. (1:29)
  • Instead of allowing negative thoughts to continue, every time they come up flip the narrative and start saying positive words of affirmation. (2:07)
  • The movie “Inside Out” was an inspiration to give character to the inner voices, whether it’s Sasha the confident, Serena the critical or Susie the sweet, which helps identify the self talk. (4:31)
  • Our voices aren’t going anywhere but we can learn to channel them for our benefit. (8:26)
  • Another piece of the work is to literally take credit for your accomplishments during the day. Say the words or write them down, “I take credit for…” (9:48)
  • Take time to find the positive voices inside yourself and choose to be proud of the work you are putting in every day. (10:39)
  • Hear Suneera’s live pechakucha presentation on the voices in our head at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts Center (11:09)

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