Patrice Poltzer on Video Storytelling, Leveraging Video as a Part of Your Brand, and The Importance of Grit in Entrepreneurship

Meet Patrice Poltzer, who is a former today show producer, a Gracie award winning journalist and Emmy nominated producer — and CEO School podcast guest! Patrice is the founder and CEO of Patrice Poltzer Creative where she helps brands, and particularly small business owners tell their brand story through video. In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The unlikely path Patrice took selling books door to door, hosting a variety show, attending Northwestern for grad school, then interning at CNN. (2:26)
  • Grit, determination, and years of experience showing up gave her the edge to be hired for a job in the television industry she was woefully under qualified for. (10:01)
  • Advice for new business owners crafting a story brand-acknowledge your story, every single person has one that is interesting and impactful. (14:58)
  • Patrice walks you through a simple formula for new business owners to write down their story and be able to share it with their audience. (17:10)
  • Why new business owners need to focus on the free platforms with video capability instead of hiring a professional videographer to film. (31:25)
  • How video storytelling is quite different from marketing because you are going deeper with the business, whether it’s a large company or solopreneur. (34:28)
  • Honest advice about starting a business and what it really takes to build a business and be an entrepreneur. (38:57)

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