Nicole Walters on Starting Lean, Building Strong Business Foundations, and Focusing Before Diversifying

Nicole has worked as a client facing, business executive for Fortune 500 companies, in both sales and marketing for over 10 years. In her previous role with an S&P international healthcare organization, she managed business relationships with multibillion dollar corporations and independently facilitated pitching, prospecting, and client relationship management in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

After leaving the corporate world, Nicole established “The Monetized Life”- a corporate consulting firm providing business and financial solutions to everyday entrepreneurs. In just 4 years, the firm has scaled to a multi 7 figure corporation employing over 15 people. 

Presently, Nicole provides 1:1 consultative services to Business to Business clients, Celebrities, and powerhouse entrepreneurs around the world and is the star of the USA Network show, “She’s The Boss.”

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Nicole shares what made her choose to leave her job when she was at the top of her career and do it live on Periscope. (2:56)
  • How she went from one on one client work to earning passive income as the CEO of a female, black owned business. (8:42)
  • Why she said no to TV opportunities, book deals and other offers and what she focused on instead. (15:04)
  • Part of Nicole’s mission is to teach people the tools needed to be a credible business owner because you don’t know what you don’t know. (18:41)
  • The worst moment of entrepreneurship for Nicole that made her realize being an entrepreneur is as much external as it is internal. (20:12)


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