Natanya Bravo on Creating a Life You Love, the Power of Being You, and Marketing Tips for Coaches

Natanya Bravo is a WOC solopreneur turned CEO who left behind her successful career, hopped on a one-way flight to Paris, and created her dream life after realizing her true potential. She is a business coach and new mother who inspires women to grow a purpose driven business rooted in their passion.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • An interview with Natanya Bravo, the creator of the Bravo life, where she shares how she traded in her high profile life for a one-way ticket to Paris that ultimately changed everything for her 
  • What does it mean to build an identity outside of what others expect of you? Natanya and Suneera share what pursuing their own desires outside of other people’s expectations look like 
  • Oftentimes many young professionals can’t recognize that this isn’t what they actually want and then suffer from corporate burnout. Natanya shares how you can take steps to identify what it is that you really want and take accountability for your life 
  • Natanya shares what happened to her life once she made that big jump and move to Paris, and how she identified a niche that served herself and others that allowed her to start her company the Bravo Life 
  • What a life coach actually is, and how she helps her clients focus on messaging and taking steps towards living their most authentic life both personally and professionally 

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IG: @thebravolife

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