Lizzy Mathis on Balancing Acts: Leading The Cool Mom Co., Embracing Motherhood, and Designing Cool Spaces with Jessica Alba

As a female founder and mother, you navigate an exhilarating yet challenging path. You’re not just building a business; you’re shaping a legacy while juggling bedtime stories. It’s no small feat, and if anyone understands the delicate dance of managing both worlds, it’s Lizzy Mathis, the creator of The Cool Mom Co. and co-host of Roku renovation show, Honest Renovations. In this heart-to-heart chat on the CEO School podcast with Suneera, Lizzy shared invaluable insights that every mompreneur needs to hear.

Creating a Symphony from the Chaos

Lizzy’s journey isn’t just inspiring—it’s a blueprint for integrating life’s passions with parental duties. Amidst the backdrop of designing stunning spaces and managing a bustling production schedule, she balances the demanding roles of businesswoman and mother. This juggle is familiar to many of us, echoing the daily realities of countless female founders who strive to excel in both arenas.

Building Your Tribe: The Power of Community

One of the most resonant takeaways from Lizzy’s experience is the importance of community. Having a network of supportive, like-minded mothers can transform the entrepreneurial journey. It’s not just about having people to share your highs and lows with; it’s about building relationships that enrich both your personal and professional growth. That’s why Lizzy started The Cool Mom Co. These connections can offer practical advice, emotional support, and sometimes, just a knowing nod that says, “I get it.”

From Playdates to Platforms: Leveraging Every Connection

Lizzy and Jessica Alba’s partnership on “Honest Renovations” sprang from their kids’ friendship. This origin story is a testament to the power of leveraging personal connections for professional opportunities. It’s about seeing the potential in every interaction and understanding that your next business breakthrough might come from the most unexpected places—even a casual coffee chat after dropping your kids at school.

Redefining Success on Your Own Terms

As mothers and entrepreneurs, the pressure to conform to traditional definitions of success can be overwhelming. But here’s where Lizzy’s narrative urges us to push back. Define your own success. Maybe it’s not about hitting every target or scaling at breakneck speed. Perhaps it’s about sustainable growth that doesn’t sacrifice your time with your children or your personal well-being.

The New Age of Business: Integration Over Balance

Lizzy talks about not striving for a perfect balance but integrating various aspects of her life in a way that feels fulfilling. There’s a shift in the entrepreneurial landscape, one that moves away from the glorification of the “hustle” and towards a more holistic approach. It’s about creating a business that flows with your life, not against it.

Practical Tips for Navigating Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Set Clear Boundaries: Know when to switch off from work and focus on family.
Prioritize Self-Care: Your business needs you at your best, which means taking care of your health and well-being.
Leverage Your Network: Don’t shy away from asking for help. Use your connections to find resources, advice, and encouragement.
Embrace Flexibility: Be ready to adapt your plans. Sometimes, the best opportunities come from unexpected changes.

A Call to Action: Embrace Your Unique Journey

As Lizzy’s story beautifully illustrates, the path of a mompreneur is uniquely challenging but equally rewarding. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity to innovate and every setback a chance to reassess and rebound. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and evaluate. Are you trying to do too much alone? Reach out, build your community, and find your tribe.

In the words of Lizzy, motherhood is “not the only thing that defines me.” Let this be your mantra. You are a multifaceted powerhouse—capable of incredible achievements both at home and in the boardroom. Let’s reshape the narrative and show the world what female founders are truly made of.

It’s Your Turn to Shine

Whether you’re tuning in from a high-rise office or from the comfort of your home office with a toddler in tow, remember this: You’re not alone in this journey. There’s a whole community of women rooting for you, ready to lift you up. So, take that step, make that call, launch that project. Your story is just beginning, and the world is eager to hear it.

Remember, when one of us rises, we all rise. Listen to this inspiring conversation on the CEO School podcast, and let’s build a future where every mother feels empowered to chase her dreams without hesitation.

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