Kristen Wiley on Solving for Gaps in the Marketplace, Building a Scalable Subscription Product and Raising Venture Capital

Kristen Wiley is an award-winning marketer, startup founder and speaker. In the short time since earning her degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Central Florida, the 28-year-old has emerged as a leader in the fast-paced world of digital marketing with Statusphere – an innovative word-of-mouth marketing platform of which Wiley is the founder & CEO.

Having experience as both a CMO and a blogger herself, Wiley has a unique understanding of word-of-mouth marketing. In three short years, Statusphere now works with hundreds of brands to scale their word-of-mouth marketing channel, including Conair, Sephora, and Fossil. Kristen has also pitched high-profile investors in San Francisco, ultimately bringing Silicon Valley investment capital home to Central Florida.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • From a young age Kristen knew she’d study marketing in college and discovered a second passion, entrepreneurship, when she started a blog. (4:11)
  • How Kristen identified a problem in the marketplace and decided to create a solution that has led to a global company and joining the 2% club. (5:28)
  • The beginning of her journey did not start with an end product, Kristen tested her idea with a simple landing page and contacting her ideal clients. (11:56)
  • When Kristen was offered a dream position with Suneera while testing her concept, there was one question she asked herself that helped make the decision. (14:40)
  • Kristen began by packing the boxes herself and took her time in building a team that would eventually build the technical side of the product. (18:10)
  • A change they made in their contracts that allowed the company to grow and cross over the million dollar mark in 2020. (26:77)
  • Imposter syndrome used to be a struggle but then a turning point happened for Kristen and she was able to break free from it. (31:21)
  • How the #1 factor to raising venture capital is something you can actually do something about today. (34:15)

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