Poppi’s Phenomenal Rise: Allison Ellsworth’s Journey from Shark Tank to Amazon’s #1 Soda and Super Bowl Stardom

Hey you, yes, you—the visionary with Post-Its cluttering your mirror, dreams bigger than your Google Calendar, and a vibe that says, ‘I will make it!’ Today, let’s tune into a tale that’s all the inspo you need while sipping your third latte of the morning: Allison Ellsworth’s journey with Poppi Soda from kitchen to Super Bowl fame.

From Humble Beginnings to Shark Tank Stardom

Imagine starting with a home remedy in your kitchen and winding up on national TV. That’s exactly what Allison did with Poppi. It all began with her health-driven curiosity and a bit of apple cider vinegar. Mixing wellness with want, she created a soda that not only tastes good but feels good. Fast forward through hustling flavors from her home kitchen to snagging a spotlight on Shark Tank, where the dream got real with a capital deal. Remember, your big break can start with small sips!

Riding the COVID Wave to Amazon’s Top Spot

When COVID-19 hit, the world paused, but Poppi popped off. As we all loaded up our pantries, Poppi became a staple, not just for its health benefits but as a beacon of joy in uncertain times. The result? It soared to become the number one soda sold on Amazon, outpopping even the biggest names in the biz. The lesson? Even during times of crisis, opportunity bubbles up.

Mastering the Art of Work-Life Integration

Allison doesn’t just balance work and life; she blends them like a pro. Running a booming business while juggling mom duties isn’t about finding balance—it’s about creating harmony. Whether she’s brainstorming the next big flavor or making TikToks that turn heads, she’s proof that you can fuel a startup and a family, all with flair and finesse.

Keeping It Real and Going Viral

In today’s digital age, being your authentic self isn’t just cool—it’s currency. Poppi’s sensational rise on social media, especially TikTok, wasn’t just about smart branding; it was Allison being unapologetically herself. Whether she’s in PJs or dazzling in pink, her genuineness garners millions of views. Want to go viral? Keep it real, relatable, and raw.

What’s Next: Innovate but Don’t Complicate

As Poppi plans its next moves, the mantra is simple: innovate within your niche. New flavors and expanding reach are on the menu, but they’re not straying into uncharted waters like CBD or alcohol. Why? Because when you’ve hit a home run, you don’t switch sports. You just aim for the next pitch.

Dive Deeper Into the Fizz

Feeling inspired? Want more details on how a simple soda pop can teach you lessons in marketing, scaling, and living your best life? Tune into the latest episode of CEO School. It’s not just a podcast; it’s your front-row seat to the class you never knew you needed.

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Remember, every big dream begins with a believer, and every empire starts with a single step (or sip!).

Here’s to making your mark, one pop at a time!

—The CEO School Team

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