How Walking Meetings Changed the Game for Me – From 9 Figure Founder, Suneera Madhani

With a name like “Sunny,” you know I’m a happy morning person. ☀️ 

If you can’t relate, don’t worry! It also took me years to turn my mornings into my biggest asset to have a successful day. 

Now, I can finally say that every day, I wake up full of energy (and soon after, caffeine), eager to tackle whatever comes my way. And by the time I’ve had my second cup of coffee, I’ve usually already had three meetings.

But like a puppy with boundless energy, I need an outlet, and I’ve found the perfect one: outdoor walking meetings. 

I recommend walking meetings to my most energized female founders BUT I also highly, highly, recommend them to my entrepreneurs who are struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Like a hot gym sesh, walking meetings can help release endorphins and shift your mindset for a better day with renewed motivation.  

Another great PLUS: There’s something amazing that happens when you remove barriers—literally and figuratively— between you and someone else.

When you conduct a one-on-one while walking, there’s no laptop or conference table between you, which relaxes you both and fosters deeper connection and vulnerability. 

(Hot tip: This works especially well for remote workers, who often struggle with feeling connected when away from their teammates: close the zoom, and pick up the phone!)

And if you’re like me, doing these meetings near your office (and a Starbucks), you can high-five your coworkers as they take their strolls and sip their lattes.

But the best part? 

Leaders who model this healthy behavior encourage their people to do the same and set the expectations that we are humans, not robots.  

So, here’s today’s homework: Have at least ONE walking meeting today and see how something as small as that, can completely change your day for the better.


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